Chandler Parsons

NBA Player

Chandler Parsons is a retired NBA player who started his career in 2011 playing for the Houston Rockets. He was a second-round draft pick out of the University of Florida and 38th overall. He had a standout college career, and he was chosen as the SEC Player of the Year his senior year. During his first NBA season, he earned All-Rookie honors and was a vital player on Houston’s team, especially during his final two years with the franchise. In 2014, Chandler played for the Dallas Mavericks, then in 2016 he went on to play for the Memphis Grizzlies and ended his career playing for the Atlanta Hawks from 2019-20. He had a career average of 12.7 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.7 assists, and was known for his 3-point shooting.

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