Women's Boy Shorts


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Women's Boyshort Underwear

Comfortable and stylish underwear is now a dream come true. Designed by athletes and trendsetters, PSD’s women’s boyshort underwear is the perfect fit for anyone who loves comfortable yet fashionable undies for everyday wear.

Shop all colors, waistbands, and pairs to find your dream boyshort panties. Our women's boyshort underwear is designed to fit the body perfectly with stretchy fabric that moves with you. Say goodbye to waistband marks and hello to the perfect fit. Don't forget to check out our bralettes, sports bra's for women, and thong collection pages for exclusive deals, new arrivals, and more options.

Versatile and Comfortable - Perfect for All Your Activities

Whether you are hitting the gym or running errands, our boyshorts for offer unbeatable comfort and support. The soft fabric, with supportive stretch, is perfect for sports bras and bralettes, providing additional coverage and comfort. The waistband is designed to stay put, providing a secure and comfortable garment throughout your activities. This women's boyshort underwear is not only perfect for workouts but also everyday wear. They offer great coverage under skirts and dresses and eliminate panty lines and chafing. They are also great for lounging around the house or wearing to bed.

With various colors and styles, you can easily mix and match to create your perfect matching set in your size, or purchase a matching set or any of our collaborations, like recreating the iconic Hooters outfit. So, say goodbye to uncomfortable underwear and hello to the perfect fit for all your activities.